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kari-gurashi no arietti

A Studio Ghibli film loosely based on The Borrowers. Arrietty, fourteen, belongs to the last family of borrowers that her family are aware of, and when she goes borrowing for the first time, Arrietty gets spotted by Sho, the nephew of the house owner. Arrietty's life gets a lot more complicated from there on in, as she struggles with her parents wishes and wanting to do what's right, as well as her friendship with Sho that blooms despite all the odds...

Aside from the Japanese original, there are two English dubbed versions, and to further add to the confusion, two titles: simply Arrietty outside of the US with a release date of July 2011, and The Secret World of Arrietty in the US with a release date of February 2012. Studio Canal did the non-US dub, whilst Disney later acquired the rights in the US and dubbed it again.